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Piper Seneca V
Piper Seneca V

Welcome to the Seneca

The Piper Seneca is a powerful twin-engine aircraft, boasting several prominent differences compared to its piston-twin competitors. It rules the highest single-engine service ceiling in its class, displays a standard three-screen G1000 panel, provides a visibly wider cabin, and all this for a significantly less owning and operating cost than the competition. This twin proves it belongs in its own category.

Interior Design

The expansive doors of the Seneca make loading and boarding the aircraft an effortless task. With the widest cabin in its class, the Seneca provides luxurious room for each occupant. The ergonomically designed seats are hand-fitted with plush natural leather, and the high-grade carpeting is color-coordinated to match beautifully. A built-in writing table and refreshment console blend efficiently into the passenger cabin layout. Available is an optional built-in oxygen system to make flying in the upper flight levels uncomplicated.


The Seneca features the pinnacle of pilot and passenger peace of mind: Level Mode, a function that, when triggered, will return the aircraft to a wings level attitude with zero vertical speed. Upon activation, Level Mode will automatically engage the flight director and autopilot functions to return the aircraft to straight and level flight. By simply pressing the blue button, Level Mode is activated and cancels all armed and active modes, without impeding other autopilot modes available. This ingenious additional safety measure provides further reassurance for pilot and passengers in the circumstantial case it would be required.

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